Parkable Ltd

14 McDonald Street, Level 1, Futureside
New Zealand

Parkable is a mobile app that drivers can use to locate a parking space for their vehicle. In addition, the app offers a variety of tools that cover a range of functions such as booking reservations and managing guest parking. It is also known for catering to the needs of electronic vehicle (EV) drivers, providing QR swipe codes for drivers to make quicker payments, and more.

Parkable was founded with the ambitious goal of making parking easy and stress-free, while ensuring that local communities make the best use of their space. Every driver knows the feeling of experiencing the exorbitant prices, the gut-wrench of a massive fine or tow, the hassle of broken parking machines, and the frustrating daily search for a parking spot. The irony is that there is parking space everywhere; empty driveways, unused business parks, free spaces outside supermarkets, churches, and schools.

So the question arises, 'why wasn’t this space being shared with the community'? Part of the problem is that traditional parking companies weren’t interested in reducing parking scarcity, or in creating a positive experience. In fact, a big chunk of their revenue came from slapping their customers with massive fines and getting them towed.

Parkable was launched by three Aucklanders in 2015 for an All Blacks win against the Wallabies at Eden Park. Fans left happy that night, but some left happier than others because they did not have to walk miles to their cars, as they had been among the first users of a new parking app which gave them access to parking spaces on people’s driveways right around the ground.

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