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DCC - Zerowasterecycler
Netaji Subhash Vihar, Tikri Kalan, Mundka
New Delhi


We offer Waste Composting machinery and solutions. Our composter helps to recycle organic waste and thus, prevent Land, Air & Water pollution. On top of that, it gives you compost in return. DCC Leading OWC Machine Manufacturers in Delhi.

Compost Machine Manufacturers (OWC) are designed to make composting easy & convenient. It’s fully automatic & has a very compact & creative design.OWC is equipped with intuitive expertise which maintains the right temperature airflow &
moisture. A special bacterium that is heat, salt and acid resistant is used. Once the bacteria are announced in the machine they recreate at a rapid pace under an ideal internal situation. When organic waste is filled in converter increase in
The moisture stage is detected by the sensor which consequently starts the heating system. As the temperature decreases, it activates the bacteria which break down organic waste into fertile manure. At the same time, moisture in waste is converted into water vapor which is vented through the blower into the drain. These not just results in a close eighty-five percent volume reduction in compost formed but also convert organic (food) waste into 70-80% mature compost within 24X7 hour.
DCC - Zerowasterecycler
Sarwar DCC
Netaji Subhash Vihar, Tikri Kalan, Mundka
New Delhi 110041
DCC - Zerowasterecycler Sarwar DCC
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