Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Training

1658, Milwaukee Ave #100-6204
Chicago, IL 60647
United States

10 am to 8 pm

After the completion of this Oracle Cloud Infrastructure training you will strength your knowledge with insights into the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure components and services. You can able to determine who has access to your cloud resources using your knowledge of IAM service. Aftre the completion of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure training you will able to launch your first compute instance, define storage volumes, and deploy Oracle databases quickly and easily in a highly-available cloud environment. You can able to extend your IT infrastructure with highly customizable Virtual Cloud Networks (VCN) and connectivity services, ensuring high availability with Load Balancers.
When it comes to Corporate Training, we can say proudly that we have received excellent feedback and appreciation from our corporate clients across the globe. You can reach us for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure corporate training and we can even customize the training content as per your requirement.