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Stellar Cyber is the only cohesive security operations platform providing maximum protection by piecing attacks together across IT infrastructure. Stellar Cyber’s industry-leading security software improves productivity by empowering security analysts to kill threats in minutes instead of days or weeks. By accepting data inputs from a variety of existing cybersecurity solutions as well as its own capabilities, correlating them, and presenting actionable results under one intuitive interface, Stellar Cyber’s platform helps eliminate the tool fatigue and data overload often cited by security analysts while slashing operational costs.

Stellar Cyber

California 95050
United States
 Stellar  Cyber
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Stellar Cyber is the only open, automated detection and response (Open-XDR) platform that correlates detections from existing solutions as well as its own security applications to deliver comprehensive protection across the cybersecurity kill chain and present them through one intuitive dashboard. Customers can leverage 20 native applications and a growing list of open ecosystem partners to detect and respond automatically to attacks within seconds wherever they occur – on servers, in the network, at endpoints, or in cloud-based applications. Stellar Cyber deploys easily on premises, in public clouds or with service providers.