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The primary use of Ambien is to help people suffering from various sleep disorders. Doctors prescribe this medicine to adults who complain about facing into insomnia symptoms for a prolonged period. It helps people having trouble falling asleep to fall asleep faster and also helps them get a good night’s rest.

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Doctors usually recommend taking it for only 1 or 2 weeks, as using this drug for extended periods might make you develop physical or mental dependence on it. Strictly follow your doctor’s guidelines while using this medicine to avoid getting addicted to Ambien.

This medicine is available in both quick-release formula and extended-release (Ambien CR) form. The immediate-release variant quickly starts releasing its drug to make the person fall asleep faster. The extended-release drug consists of two layers; the first one immediately dissolves after consuming it and starts to make you feel sleepy. The second layer releases the medicine slowly and keeps you asleep throughout the night.