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OGC Studio is the first online brokerage music studio. It was founded by Peter Ewart in 2016. Peter recognized that individuals across the globe were not accomplishing the full potential of their musical abilities because of the lack of accessible resources to foster the development of musical talents. Consider talented singers with questionable writing skills; oftentimes those individuals end up without recognition but instead, hearing sheered statements such as, “you should be a singer”. OGC Studio fills this void via online networking of collaborative musical production!

Global Team Work
Your potential team member can join from anywhere at any time. Collaborate as a duet or a band live with OGC Studio! Once you've practiced live together enough and you feel you're ready to record, search for our top brick and mortar studios and play and record your music live just as if you were all together!

No Time Constraint
You can record live with other artists live with a brick and mortar studio!

Anywhere, everywhere is your recording studio.