NY Breeder

45 Tarrytown Rd.
White Plains, NY 10607
United States

Monday-saturday : 10:00 - 20:00 Sunday : 11:00 - 17:00

NY Breeder is a Westchester County, NY based purebred dog and puppy selling, breeding, and training company, founded by several people that are passionate about pets,
specifically dogs! Ivan Kovach, the original dog trainer for the Israeli Army from the 1940’s, has trained pets of famous celebrities in the NYC area for over 50 years.
Gary Nudelman has been in the NYC area training for the city and federal government since 1978.
Combined they have over 80 years of experience in training and buying puppies. Their experience with both the puppies and the merchandise they carry is evident once you enter the beautiful new 4000 square foot facility located in the White Plains, lower Westchester area. The dog trainers and groomers of this new store have been carefully screened by the founders.

Gary Nudelman