NutritionWorks: Weight Loss, Nutrition, Coaching & Lab Testing

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Denver, CO 80222
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Monday - Thursday: 7AM - 8PM, Friday: 7AM - 3PM, Saturday: 9AM -3PM

If You Feel: frustration with your weight, dismissed by doctors even when you know something is wrong, confused about what to eat, tired, fatigued and not taking care of yourself, out of balance and just not yourself, we can help. Together, we’ll help you find freedom from old cycles, a better relationship with food, healthy weight loss and practical steps to build new habits. Confidence. Self-efficacy. Less deprivation. More dedication.

Functional Goodness
Through a custom blend of functional health, nutrition therapy and health coaching we assemble a team of specialists, conduct alternative testing, and provide a playbook that leads to real change.

The Feel Good Team
We believe health care is a collaborative effort, including behavioral therapists, functional nutritionists, weight loss specialists, wellness coaches and more. It’s called the Feel Good Team (FGT).

A Fresh Approach
With no judgment and deep curiosity (we like to ask why) our team gets to the very HEART of the matter, defines the root cause of your issues and understands your entire being. It works.


Functional Health
Functional health is a systems, biology–based approach that focuses on identifying the root causes of disease. We get at the HEART of what’s really going on, no matter the signs, symptoms or text-book diagnosis.

Health Coaching
We provide a big-picture approach to designing a custom, one-on-one play book to help individuals commit to themselves, achieve whole-body results and realize their goals. This includes true mentorship and accountability.

Nutrition Therapy
We believe that nutritional and biochemical imbalances in the body lead to ill health–and that a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan is the key to resolving these issues.

What We Resolve

Digestive disorders
Hormonal imbalance
Nutrition confusion
Chronic fatigue
Auto-immune disease
Mental health issues
Healthy weight loss
Food allergies
Mystery illnesses

Ways We Heal…

Nutritional protocols
Diagnostic testing
Food & environmental testing
Behavioral modifications
Functional nutrition