NS Capital

1363 Shermer Road Suite 306
Northbrook, IL 60062
United States


NS Capital is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) offering portfolio management services for individual investors and endowments, as well as custom-designed pensions and 401k plans for small businesses. We are a Fiduciary to all of our clients.

NS Capital's unique investment methodology captures the benefits of the institutional investing model, and delivers them to retail investors. Our proprietary approach is possible because NS Capital is privately owned and completely independent. This distinction alone stands out from an industry that is dominated by “advisors” who are often nothing more than “re-sellers” of distributors’ products.

Other distinguishing characteristics include:

• Portfolio Strategy – developed over several years in conjunction with one of the country’s leading institutional pension consultants.

• Portfolio Structure – a holistic portfolio with a unique three-tier structure that is designed to align client fees with value.

• Portfolio Analytics – created by leading Silicon Valley software developers.

• Manager Selection – an unbiased active manager selection process that is performed by an independent third-party institutional analyst team.

• Talent Level – a select lineup of premium, alpha–oriented boutique asset managers not generally available to investors in our target market.

• Pricing – institutional price points that enhance the potential for portfolio performance.