Noreast Electronics Co Ltd

1175 Tupper Street
Hawkesbury, ON K6A 3T5

Mon-Thurs: 8AM-5PM, Fri: 8AM-12PM, Sat-Sun: Closed

From our initial operations in 1978, beginning with the design and production of critical electromagnetic components for General Dynamics, Noreast has remained a custom magnetics supplier, with 100% of our annual sales manufactured to our customers’ unique specifications.

That initial project led to the development of a chain of other successful projects for military and communications companies and from those early beginnings Noreast has earned and maintained its status as a high quality and dependable custom magnetics supplier.

Over the years, the company has expanded into its current 15,000 sq. ft. location. The current facility incorporates a fully integrated end to end operation spanning engineering through to manufacturing and quality assurance all under one roof. This end to end capability enables our strong quality focus to consistently exceed customer expectations. As we have expanded on our capabilities over time, we have increased our customer base to include a broad array of industries from Rail Signaling & Switching to Commercial Avionics, Military, Medical, Mining, Energy and Power Conversion components for industrial applications.

Our success is the result of our people. Every day they passionately work to provide our customers sound engineering solutions, manufactured to the highest quality, and delivered with industry leading service. This formula gives us the ability to take on new customer challenges and assists us in finding solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Payment Accepted:
AMEX, Discover, Credit Card, Cash