NHS Urology Consultant with Private Practice

King's Drive, Eastbourne , ESX
United Kingdom

In UK, we recommend Dr. Edward Calleja , graduated in 2004 at the University of Malta where he completed his specialisation in Urology. In 2014 he came to UK and worked in various hospitals to sub-specialise in pelvic uro-oncology . He have been working as an NHS consultant in general Urology and pelvic robotic surgery since 2019 in Eastbourne hospital which is a referral centre for Sussex major robotic urological interventions. He has developed numerous services for urological (prostate cancer and bladder cancer) patients with the aim of improving quality of care and becoming one of the best NHS Urology Hospital in UK (South). To become one of the best urologist in UK you have to have a dynamic highly motivated team, and over the years he has dedicated himself to build and lead such team. His philosophy is 'Ubuntu' - I am because we are.