160 E 38th Street #28 New York, NY 10016
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Hi there! My name is Andrea, and I’m an expat who has been living in NYC for over 7 years. When I was a kid, I used to watch “Home Alone 2” and dream of one day having the chance to live in this amazing city

And here I am now! After having spent years walking around and exploring the city, I still feel like the first day: in love with all NYC has to offer!
For this reason, I thought it would be great to give other people around the world the chance to simply see the city the way I see it.
There are tons of great New York Instagram accounts out there, but I feel most of them are just too focused on adding crazy filters and colors, and less of the real soul of this place.
My goal is to show you (almost) everything this city has to offer. That is, more than just the typical spots, such as the amazing Empire State Building. NYC and its five boroughs have way more than that

It’s about the super small Deli open 24/7 on the corner of the street.

It’s about crazy yellow cab drivers helping you move across town. It’s about hidden speakeasy bars and delicious Chinese restaurants! It’s about the gorgeous Central Park!
And way more! I hope you will enjoy the content of my website as well as my photos.
And please, if you have any suggestions of places you’d like me to add here, feel free to reach out!
Thanks again for visiting and don’t forget to tag your favorite NYC pictures with #newyork_eyes​
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160 E 38th Street #28 New York, NY 10016
New york 10016
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