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Neuro Hope Psychotherapy & Neurofeedback PLLC
Zoe Bonack
7730 N Union Blvd #204
Colorado Springs CO 80920
United States
Neuro Hope Psychotherapy & Neurofeedback PLLC Zoe Bonack
Like most people, I didn’t start my career off knowing what my ultimate calling in life would be.

I went to graduate school believing psychotherapy was my sole passion. Little did I know that I would end up being a Neuropsychologist!

Initially, in graduate school, I spent many hours providing therapy for my clients. This was very effective for many of them, but certainly not all of them.

These outcomes left me wondering what would help those clients not helped by therapy. And later, as I was in training for neurofeedback, I couldn’t stop thinking of those clients I couldn’t help.

Colorado Springs, CO
Neuro Hope Psychotherapy & Neurofeedback provides a holistic approach to mental health.
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