Nelli Lau Photography

Nelli Lau Photography
303 George Street
Windsor, NSW 2756

Monday - Friday, 10am - 630pm Saturday, 430pm - 630pm Sunday, Closed

Hi, I'm Amanda Nelli Lau. Nelli actually comes from my maiden name 'Parrinelli' - a part of my identity that I missed deeply when I married my forever love and changed my surname. So to honour all parts of me, maiden and married, I am now Nelli Lau.

I am co-author of a 17 year long (and going strong) love story with my husband, a mum to 3, an Early Childhood Teacher working in the not-for-profit sector, a crochet nerd, collector of coffee mugs, hopeless romantic, epic daydreamer and creator of natural. artful. intentional storytelling photographs.