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"If you live in California, you know that taxes in the state are among the highest in the United States. California relies on three main taxes within state and local governments: personal income tax, property tax, and sales and use tax. Whether you’re seeking tax relief, filing help, tax audit defense, levy or lien releases, or anything else, it’s extremely important to hire a tax attorney with thorough knowledge and experience.

The attorneys at Mlnarik Law Group works to achieve the best result for their clients. Making the right decision when it comes to an Estate Plan, Business Law, Family Law or Bankruptcy takes a lot of hard work and preparation. A solid understanding of the law ensures that your resources are utilized to move you closer to achieving your goals, whether it is to prevail in litigation, get back in the black or provide for loved ones. Whatever your predicament, Mlnarik Law Group attorneys will assist you in making the right decisions and planning for the future, because even though you may not live forever, focusing on what matters when you are here makes all the difference."