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At Melodia Hospice we’re firm believers that music has a magical effect on our lives. It’s no secret that human beings intuitively respond to music, rhythm, melody, and harmonies, but as it turns out, not only do we respond to these things, we also react to them.
For example, pain is one of the most bothersome, common, and in many cases, consistent and persistent conditions that patients all across the wide spectrum of ailments, ages, and conditions experience. And in hospice, palliative, and geriatric care, pain is amongst the most common of symptoms that we’re constantly trying to remedy. And despite intense drug discovery efforts, our arsenal of remedies against pain is limited to only a few different medications – each of which maintains their own considerations or limitations.
At Melodia Hospice we’re interested in moving beyond the general conventions for pain treatments and minimize pharmaceuticals drugs to treat symptoms of physical and mental pain. In palliative care, medications and mood-altering medications are mainstays of the standard of care. And in fact, it can even be argued that there has been an increase in the use of these treatments in recent years – even as their limitations continue to go unaddressed.