MegoNerses- Ottawa Psychotherapy Services

427 Gilmour Street (First Floor)
Ottawa, ON K2P 0R5

MON - FRI (8:00AM - 18:00)

MegoNerses - Ottawa Psychotherapy Services is a private practice psychotherapist based in Ontario, Canada. Offering in-person and online counselling to clients 18+ in English, Arabic, and Armenian; and helping individuals and couples searching to make authentic, meaningful, and mindful choices about their lives.
My psychotherapy services have helped and assisted clients suffering from different mental health needs, including trauma, PTSD, anxiety, grief, depression, stress, relationship issues such as intimacy, sexual issues, polyamory, and kink, as well as work issues, life transitions, sexuality (LGBTQI) & gender identity, low self-esteem or confidence, and anger management. Furthermore, I help refugees who are fleeing violence and persecution to find safety in Canada. Mego conducts psychosocial evaluations for immigration courts.
A long career in psychotherapy and extensive experience working in social service agencies allowed me to build a set of core competencies that I confidently use to help my clients process their past traumas and move forward in life. If you need help overcoming your emotional and life challenges, or you're suffering from trauma caused by torture, persecution, or violence, book a consultation today by visiting or call me at +1 (613) 266- 6203.