Matrix Elevates
504, 5th Floor, Madhuban, 55, Nehru Place, New Del

We enable others to Design, Specify, Procure and Execute exceptional Vertical Transportation Systems for your existing and upcoming projects.

We are here to partner in your success, support your cause to deliver efficient solutions, help you optimize costs and enable you to focus on your core business. Like our existing partners, you can rely on our knowledge and insights about the industry-specific challenges you face.

Our strength lies in our strong ethical value systems and industry knowledge, through practical leadership experience and domain expertise, combined with strong technology insight, which keeps us at the forefront of emerging trends.

Elevators and Escalators today form a critical part of the building services and needless to say that these are “Lifelines of any building”. The ramifications of not using a specialist support are seen at various buildings around the town.

We, at Matrix, have a wealth of experience in offering services at various stages of vertical transportation needs through:

Rich experience in every aspect of Vertical Transportation be it designing, specifying, negotiation support, execution support, handing over support, maintenance support etc. covering complete lifecycle of the product.
Involvement in 250 + projects
Involvement in Infrastructure Projects including Airports
Post commissioning checks and Third-party safety audits for more than 4500 + elevators and escalators
Designed buildings up to 65 floors having building height of 265 Meters
Completed projects for more than 200+ Million Square Feet
Well versed with the latest technologies offered by various vendors and challenges involved

Team Matrix always strives to serve you the ultimate mix of innovative thoughts and serious planning, which yields responsive results for your building designs.

We have designed our Services in such a way that the appropriate mix of disciplines can respond to your needs. Matrix offers consulting services during following stages of the building's life cycle:

Design & Construction



Project Management

Broadly, we offer specialized services for the users on the following aspects of Elevators and Escalators:

Design Support: Help users in working out the best VT strategy by restricting non-standard design and incorporating universal design ensuring competitive bidding at later stage and possible huge savings by eliminating waste and working out the optimum design using latest Traffic Analysis methodology.

Tender Support: Help users in specifying the safest, code compliant and best user interface features with latest energy efficient specifications for their needs. Best-in-class inputs covering performance parameters are incorporated.

Negotiation Support: Effective Best Buy model - Our experience and know how on the current products & technologies, competition and price levels would help users to take an informed decision and could lead to possible savings.

Project Management / Execution Support: Support users in getting the execution done in timely manner and pushing in stage checks to get a quality product.

Post Commissioning Checks: We help you to take over quality and safest product by carrying out Safety compliance checks, Code compliance checks & Technical specifications compliance checks.

Third Party Audits / Safety Inspections: For the existing units, our experienced technical team of auditors conducts assessment checks to ascertain the health of the products and ensuring corrective action to be undertaken by the stakeholders

Modernization Support: We help you to modernize your existing Lifts to achieve best-in-class and easily managed Lift Systems aligned to current needs of building occupiers.

Service Assessments / Incident Investigation: Supports users in getting best performance out of the existing Lifts tracking maintenance records and challenges faced. We also hand hold the developer for some assigned period on regular basis to ensure regular upkeep and better control of the Lifts. Also in case of any incident, could help users in understanding the real cause and its ramifications.