Margarita's Tacos & Grill

Mexican fast food restaurant, Best tacos near me
2538 south Alameda street
Vernon, CA 90058
United States

7 days 6am-10pm

Margarita's Tacos & Grill is your go-to spot for a quick bite to eat or to take time and sit down, always enjoying delicious Mexican delights cherished by everybody who gets the chance to enjoy them. Taco Tuesday is definitely at Margarita's; taste our incredible fish tacos, fried to perfection with crispy thin, airy batter and classic accompaniments; affordable, flavourful, and presumably addictive!
You can also enjoy everything in our menu delivered fresh and on time for your celebrations or events, ordering from our very own Margarita's Catering, the best Mexican catering service in LA! The best fast-food Mexican restaurant you can think of is waiting for you, ready to serve you and accompany you on your special occasions.
When in doubt, think Margaritas. You'll be welcomed by a true Mexican gem.
We can't wait to serve you!