Lowveld Favourites (Pty) Ltd

Lowveld Favourites (Pty) Ltd
Nelspruit, Mpumalanga 1200
South Africa

7am - 5pm

Our products are available in a variety of flavours including orange, mango, strawberry, peach/apricot, litchi, pineapple & carrot, guava, chocolate, granadilla, stewed fruit, banana and cream soda.

Lowveld Favourites started producing and distributing a range of yogurts, drinking yogurts, amasi and a wide selection of ready to drink fruit nectars and 100% fruit juices in 1992.

Today, our top sellers are drinking yogurts, available in six different flavours and our fruit juices packaged in sachets and bottles in different sizes from 250ml to 5 Litres.

Our company employs a total of 43 employees in the productions chain from manufacturing right through to marketing and distribution. Lowveld Favourites service an estimated 850 retail outlet customers in the Lowveld region via the factory shop, telesales and delivery and vendor sales.