Little Scholars Daycare Center V

1502 West 1st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11204
United States

Mon - Fri 7 am - 7 pm

This stage of development is what we at Little Scholars like to call the “growth spurt.” Each child at this stage is silly, imaginative, and energetic, and they have plenty of opportunity every day to show all the little growing talents they possess. The golden middle between what children can do by themselves and what can be achieved with the support of the teacher is what our curriculum is based on.

Each child is guided and monitored through learning activities to get them to the next stage – obtaining a new understanding built on both their prior knowledge and the new knowledge gained with the help of dedicated teachers.

Conversation. This is the main focus of all communication, and our little explorers are no different. Little Scholars’ curriculum had been designed with this in mind, and we have carefully crafted each day to engage every child in conversation and storytelling.

In our book-rich environment, every child can increase their vocabulary, improve on grammar and sentence construction, and most importantly develop an understanding that is unique to their world. Through weekly activities like show-and-tell every little scholar will become a storyteller in their own right.