Movement 101

Movement 101
1421A Botany Rd
Botany, NSW 2019


Specialized podiatry treatment involves the diagnosis, rehabilitation, and therapy for feet and lowers limb problems. A Botany podiatrist like the ones from Movement 101 can work with you towards improving your feet' health. Podiatry typically treats feet issues including:

Leg and foot injury
Foot pain
Shin splints
Bone fractures
Children’s foot problems
Warts, corns, blisters, and calluses
Fungal infections and athlete’s foot
Ingrown nails

Whether you have mild and tolerable pain or any other foot ailments, please don't suffer in pain. Schedule an appointment with a Botany podiatrist such as Movement 101 as soon as possible.

When you visit Botany pilates at Movement 101, they will tell you all you need to know about remedial massage. The specialist will need to know about your lifestyle and health; it offers a great base to form a treatment plan. When at Movement 101, the specialist will ask that you lie on the table, and they will cover you with a towel. The Botany physio will start by massaging you using oils and creams. They have various techniques that help repair any damaged areas on your body. Please book an appointment with Movement 101 by calling 0293164069, and it will be the best decision in your life.

Remedial massage is one of the many services at Movement 101, and it is an excellent practice to help stimulate the blood supply. It also helps with joints issues and repairing the damaged body tissues. Consult a Botany physio before the whole regime starts; they will examine you and know the proper pressure and spots to massage. A specialist, Movement 101, will have a massage plan that caters to muscle tendons and stress to restore the correct position and discomfort from any injuries. Remedial massage is advisable by a physiotherapist Botany, especially if you are active in sports and dancing