Complete Mixing and Mastering Service

Major Mixing
New York, NY
United States

Complete Mixing & Mastering Package – The most demanded service on the music market. One of the advantages of this service is that you don’t need to look for a mastering engineer after the mixing process. We’ll deliver a ready to release song.

The second is, of course, the price. It will be lower than if you purchased each of the services separately.

Complete Mix & Master Package includes:

Mixing — the process of mixing audio tracks. The mixing task is to make your song sound great with the help of EQ, balance, adjusting volume for each track, fxs, etc. For this process, all stems must be submitted. Keep in mind, there is no required number of stems, there can be 2 or more.
Mastering is standardization, a process in which a song is brought to a radio-ready state. After mastering, your song is ready for release.

Max Rayden

United States
 Max Rayden
Major Mixing provides a music mixing and mastering services to elevate the sound of your music. With the finished product you’ll stand a better chance of bookings, plays and placement. Our mixes are heard on every major radio station, 24/7. We’ve won awards, played at the Eurovision, not to mention a host of big labels we’ve mixed and mastered for. As masters of mix we provide the professional audio mixing services on the market today:
Magical creativity - reflecting our experience and passion
Super quick turnaround – between 2-3 days
Highest quality, radio-ready sound – your music will be ready for the world stage
Let our talented, experienced and passionate mixing magicians add magic to your melody.
How does that sound?