imuscle sports nutrition

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Imuscle whey protein is a scientifically advanced blend of micro-filtered, ultra-pure, whey protein. Each protein is digested and absorbed at a different rate, allowing your body to utilize these high-quality protein substrates over an extended period. Here at imucsle we care about the need of every person who wants to be fit and healthy. We believe everyone has an athlete inside, no matter if you go to the gym or not, you are an athlete. The world, your daily life is your gym. Imuscle wants to be your energy partner when you need it the most. That why we developed imuscle whey protein blend, “europro” whey protein for him and “her whey” protein for her. Which is the only whey protein supplemented with advanced nutrient absorption and assimilation matrix and is a must for the active individual and elite athlete seeking to accelerate their gains! Made with pure Bensdrop dutch chocolate we assure the best tasting whey protein you can ever have! Break your genetic limits – Imuscle sports nutrition. Our production is done at a GMP & Health Canada Certified facility in Ottawa ensuring guaranteed product quality.