Las Vegas Coronavirus Cleaners

Las Vegas Coronavirus Cleaners
7819 Peshtigo St
Las Vegas, NV 89178
United States

9:00AM-6:00PM Daily

Based near Las Vegas, NV, our patented sanitizing treatment is a non-chemical, GREEN SEAL, harmless, water-based disinfecting spray that is 100x stronger than bleach and all-natural. We are green-Seal approved, Covid 19 Killing Electrolyzed Water (HOCl) Sanitization Services in Nevada.
We manufacture Hypochlorous Acid without having salt corroson by making use of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved Electrolyzed Water Generators. This technology eliminates the possibility of human error in commercial cleaning services from the sterilizing process.

Highly recognized for efficacy (CDC).

Used in the agricultural industry for cleaning food supply.

Solutions made on site with a one month shelf life.

Pure Spaces patented the only "salt-free" HOCL, protecting against any spots, remnant or corrosion.

Entirely risk-free to utilize anywhere on any surface area. Will certainly not harm people or animals. Las Vegas Coronavirus Cleaners uses Viking Pure Spaces, which also destroys fungal growth that causes athlete’s foot.

Viking Pure Spaces services can be used in virtually any environment that demands regular and efficient cleaning and sanitation. Our services are demonstrated to wipe out all known germs, superbugs and fungus. Las Vegas Coronavirus Cleaners are the Covid Killers in a safe way for all of Nevada.