Global Indian International School (GIIS) SMART Campus

Global Indian International School (GIIS) SMART Ca
27 Punggol Field Walk
Singapore, 02  828649


Global Indian international school, Singapore is a haven for young minds where they transform into well-rounded individuals of tomorrow. The school emphasises on skill-based and value-focused teaching to create a balance between academics and extra-curricular.
Founders of the school believe an early introduction to sports, music and arts develops a creative pathway of thinking in the child’s mind. They are instrumental in developing critical thinking, social skills and teamwork capabilities within the child.
Alongside well-rounded growth, the school’s steady focus has been on providing excellent, skill-based education at a moderate price. The curriculum combines best of both eastern and western educational approaches and provides a dynamic education environment apt for children from varied cultures. GIIS aims to popularise the 9gems approach for holistic education to students from diverse backgrounds. "
While looking for a good preschool in Singapore, we came across GIIS and found it a suitable match for our child. Our daughter is very fond of the teachers and the school itself. What we love the most about the school is the constant update from teachers and the open communication.

There’s a lot of preschools in Singapore using the Montessori method. As we had only recently moved to Singapore, we did not know which school to choose. I decided to talk to the school counsellor of GIIS and quickly set up a visit. GIIS delivered on everything we had hoped for in kindergarten education.

While searching for the ideal preschool for my child, I looked for schools offering the Montessori programme in Singapore.

I heard that the Montessori Programme is a world-famous method of education introduced by Maria Montessori. It is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play. It is considered one of the best curriculum for preschoolers, and I wanted the best for my child.

I was excited to find out that the Global Indian International School offers the Montessori programme, and I enrolled my child in kindergarten at GIIS right away. Can I just say that I have never been happier!

I would recommend Global India International School in Singapore for anyone looking to enrol their kids in an excellent educational institute. My daughter has been studying here for 5 years; it’s a great atmosphere for the kids. The school teaches on this 9 GEMS principle which focuses on overall development, and they also have a stellar academic track record.

My daughter studies at the Global Indian International School in Singapore. I can confidently say the school is academically very strong and it is considered to one of the best primary schools in Singapore. It is excellent for kids who are into academics and parents who don't mind their kids getting a considerable amount of homework. I am pleasantly surprised by how her math and writing skills progressed in such a short time.

Kindergarten is considered as the building block for any child’s progress. My son studies at the kindergarten associated with the Global Indian International School in Singapore. I can confidently say the school is academically very strong and it is considered to one of the best kindergartens in Singapore. I am pleasantly surprised by how they have integrated games with development of a child’s cognitive capabilities.