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QuickHR Singapore HR software is a one-stop solution for all your HR needs, including HRMS software, payroll software, leaves, claims, and more.

Get everything you need to manage your greatest asset with our Cloud-Based HR Software Singapore
QuickHR is a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) that’s been built with a simple goal- eliminate the problems that plague traditional HR platforms and HR software. Every part is designed with security, stability and ease-of-use in mind. QuickHR frees HR professionals from tedious administrative tasks to focus on what they do best- build better organisations.

Save up to 50% with our PSG & IMDA approved HR Management Software
QuickHR HRMS software is a pre-approved digital solution for Enterprise Singapore’s Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) and a Skills-Future Enterprise Credit (SFEC) supportable programme.

Find out about the different grants available today and discover the best HRMS software in Singapore.
QuickHR HR Payroll Software
QuickHR Singapore
60 Paya Lebar Road, #07-38 Paya Lebar Square, Sing
Singapore 01  409051
QuickHR HR Payroll Software  QuickHR Singapore
Empower your HR team with QuickHR, the #1 HR software in Singapore. Simplify HR tasks, boost productivity, and enhance employee satisfaction. HRMS software. Free demo available!