A clicker game that can be played on a personal computer

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The game's primary focus is on clicking the space bar throughout gameplay. The player may also continue to click the space bar while acquiring little pals, which will allow them to develop their powers.
A skill that can be quickly developed with practice and exercised over time is the speed with which one can touch the "spacebar" on a computer. You may practice this ability over time. By utilizing this tool on your own, you will be able to provide yourself with an estimate of how quickly you can click. In the case of the average player, for example, their clicking score is somewhere between 6 and 7 for each click. With a CPS that falls anywhere between 8 and 11, a player who is skilled will be able to meet the threshold. The amount of effort you put in and the level of competence you had in the past will solely determine the clicking rate. Additionally, the passage of time has a significant impact on the speed at which you press the space bar. Therefore, you should try out different combinations of the amount of time that passes between each click on the space bar. Keep in mind that the secret to success is to practice what you already know. Your gaming speed will increase in a very short amount of time if you continue to do it every day.
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