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Brother Printer Support
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Our brother printers experts are available 24*7 for Support in all united states. We can help you with install printer with new device, printer’s driver updates & resetting printer devices. You may call on our Toll free: 1(800) 976-7616
Brother printers are the most needed machine in everyday life, thus, it is very important to keep them in good condition and keep up with their maintenance from time to time. But, if you don’t keep up with the updating then from spoiler issues to paper jamming issues, to cartridge issues can waste your time.
Steps for Installing the Brother Printer Support Assistant -
Above we learned how to download the software, but now we will learn how to install it properly.
Let’s get started
• Click on the start button to open the menu.
• Second step is to search for the dialog box and type downloads.
• Hit the enter button.
• Now, search for brother assistant
• Once you found it, click on it.
• When you click on it, it will show you two options: Run and cancel.
• Click on the run button.
• Now, you must follow the instruction as you see them on the screen.
• Wait for few minutes as installation of the software will take some time.
• Once the process is complete you can click on the finish option as shown in the screen.
• After this, your computer will restart again.
• And, once it restarts, you have to open the Brother Printer Support assistant application to run the software.