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You need to perform a Linksys router factory reset. Look nowhere else! We have Linksys Support specialists on hand to help you with the procedure. For thorough help with Linksys router factory resets as well as knowledgeable support for Linksys Extender and Velop devices, Call Toll Free| +1-800-439-6173|
• Locate the Reset Button: The small reset button can be found on the bottom panel or back of your Linksys router.
• Power Cycle the Router: Unplug the router's power cable, wait ten seconds, and then replug it to restart the device.
• Access the Router's Web Interface: Enter the Linksys router's default IP address into the web browser on your PC or mobile device.
• Configure Router Settings: To configure your Linksys router, follow the on-screen directions.
If you encounter any issues or require further assistance during the factory reset process, our Linksys Support team is just a phone call away at +1-800-439-6173.