TuCristo: a New Social Media Network for Catholics to Connect

TuCristo.com, a Catholic Social Network designed to connect Catholics worldwide and strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ.

The world of the Internet opens space to receive TuCristo.com, the Catholic Social network that allows Catholics from all over the world to connect with each other to strengthen, revive the faith and bear witness to the living Christ.

Should Catholics be on TuCristo.com?

Is TuCristo.com the Digital Community that the current Church needs? Since Pope Francis' invitation to be part of a Church on the way out (in his Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium), Catholics can answer yes. Daily Catholic Players

Today's ecclesial reality requires that their evangelizing spirit have a permanent, growing and convincing presence in the digital world. TuCristo.com offers the pastoral activity of the Catholic Church the benefit that the Catholics of the world can be connected in the network of social networks.

As of 2023, TuCristo.com has over 50,000 registered Catholic users and continues to grow daily. It is the fastest growing and most integrated Digital Community among Hispanic Catholics.

TuCristo.com bears witness to the Living Christ, employing new methods and expressions, as referenced in the message from the Santo Domingo Conference - CELAM in 1992.

Connecting Catholics and Strengthening Faith on TuCristo.com

TuCristo.com gives Catholics the opportunity to get to know each other and see the different riches that exist within the Church. It is a social network that Strengthens Faith, Revives Spirituality and provides a space for training. TuCristo.com offers different digital tools that allow all Catholics to be able to evangelize on the Internet in the midst of a world thirsty for the Love of the true God.

On the Catholic social network you can find varied religious content of great evangelizing value, such as: Lives of saints, homilies, holy hours, reflections, prayers, music… In addition to being able to create groups, pages and share blogs with everyone. It is also an excellent digital platform to publicize the different apostolates within the Catholic Church, such as new missions and evangelization projects of the People of God.

The Catholic Social Network (TuCristo) offers an exceptional novelty in the field of social networks and it is that it has 14 Reactions such as: Amen, He is risen!, He loves it, Pan Vivo, Viva María, ¡I'm Catholic!, Praying, among others, is a place where there is the freedom to express the joy of Faith.

TuCristo, (Catholic Social Network) has his patron and is Blessed Carlos Acutis, a young man who during his life his love for the Eucharist pushed him to evangelize on the Internet with heroic faith and admirable courage. In this way, all those who are part of the TuCristo.com social network have the intercession of the apostle of the Internet. A great example for millennials.

In addition, the Catholic social network TuCristo.com already has its mobile application. You can download the TuCristo.com mobile application from Google Play and the App Store. By having this application you will be able to enjoy a whole range of possibilities: reflections of the users, music, articles, videos or photos can be shared. Along with the opportunity for all Catholics in the world to connect and exchange ideas or projects among themselves. The three hail Mary Novena

Why should Catholics be present and invite their friends to be part of this social network?

So that they can make their experience of Faith known to the whole world. There are many people who, through their social network TuCristo.com and their publications, can make their own experience of faith known. This allows many Catholics the possibility of having a personal encounter with the love of Jesus, in response to the demands of the new pastoral challenges.

The publications full of spiritual experience can be commented on and shared, as well as recommended by all those people evangelized, thanks to the TuCristo.com social network. It is undoubtedly a tool of the new evangelization.

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