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Are you an avid Sabah player and looking for a reliable and available site that offers sabong bonus? Or maybe you are improving your betting win rate by learning more about Sabah? Let's take a look at what you need to know about animal racing today

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Human athletics not only brings us exciting games, but also demonstrates the spirit of continuous improvement in sports sabong bonus, but when humans find that their physical strength is still not as strong as some animals, the formation of animal worship, supplemented by the domestication of animals, results in animal athletics.
Animal racing has existed for a huge period, and it is present all over the world.

Darwin once said that humans, as one animal, also have competitive instincts for survival and development. Some scholars believe that in the cold weapon era, the animalistic competitive impulse of man was developed in hunting and war. With the development of social civilization, the competitive nature of man was suppressed, and even sports competition can only meet the demands of a small number of people, so this competitive demand is transferred to watching animals compete. There are many kinds of animal blood sports and they exist all over the world, but let's start with the most familiar Spanish bullfighting.

Animal competition culture in various countries

Spanish Bullfight

The bullfighting process is divided into four stages: teasing, spear piercing, darting, and formal bullfighting.

The teasing begins with the bullfighter's assistant running the bull around the arena to burn off his energy. After a few rounds, the spearman pierces the bull's back and neck with his spear, piercing the blood vessels. The bull feels pain and anger and can only run around the bullring, but cannot get out of control. After the spearman finishes, the flower darts player comes on the stage and teases the bull to charge at him. When the bull rushes at him, the flower darts player quickly thrusts the flower darts into the back and neck of the bull, and during this process, the flower darts player must be fast and accurate. Then the bullfighters entered, lured the bulls, waved their red capes, and performed some dodging moves. When the bull is exhausted at the official killing stage, the bullfighter aims his sword at the bull's neck and rushes forward to drive it into the bull. After the bullfighter stabs the bull, if the sword is not deep enough or if the bull is stronger and not dead, the bull may still struggle to fight the bullfighter again. At this point, the bullfighter's assistant will again pierce the bull's back with his short sword. On this most thrilling stage, the sound of cheering brass cheering never stops.
The Spanish believe that the bullfighting culture represents a spirit of chivalry, "The values that permeate bullfighting culture and Spanish culture, in general, are Spanish honor, dignity, pride, and individualism. Spaniards feel that they were not born to achieve any social goal, but to realize themselves.

British Fox Hunt

Fox hunting was very popular in England, and the English were keen to ride behind the hounds on horseback and watch them round up the foxes. When the foxes were exhausted, they would dig holes in the ground and hide, while the hounds drove the foxes out of the holes for the hunters to shoot.
By the 1920s, the British Labour Party began to oppose such animal sports as animal cruelty, and more and more people began to criticize animal racing, yet animal racing like fox hunting was repeatedly banned among the aristocracy, making it difficult to achieve results. It was not until 1995 that the House of Commons unanimously passed the Protection of Animals Act, the promulgation of which was opposed by the upper echelons of the population and caused some controversy in the community over the sport of animal racing, and the fox hunting argument also held its own.

Those who insist on fox hunting believe that on the one hand, fox hunting is a traditional rural culture and is good for agriculture because foxes always eat farmers' chickens, which affects the development of agriculture; on the other hand, fox hunting itself is an important economic activity that provides a lot of employment opportunities, and if fox hunting is banned, the unemployment rate will be greatly increased, so in the end, fox hunting is not banned

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