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New Zealand

Hemptuary provides natural skincare products made 100% in New Zealand, including naturally crafted Hemp Oils, Body Balms, and Moisturiser. Their products are infused with organic Hemp to provide gentle, nourishing formulations that work. Hemptuary's skincare range has benefits for the body, skin, and even the mind.

Is your body feeling stressed and worn out? Whether you've got sore muscles, itchy skin, or dry skin, Hemp Body Balm will provide a healthy solution. Infused with Calendula, Manuka Oil, and Sea Buckthorn, Hemp Body Balm helps to soothe skin irritations and relieve tired skin. It also includes Peppermint Oil to relax the mind and body.

Hemp Seed Oil can do wonders for the skin. Infused with Hemp and Manuka Oil, it gently calms, soothes, and nourishes the skin. This organic formulation can help to reduce inflammation, clear up acne, and reduce the severity of skin conditions.

Moisturising is an essential part of a healthy skin regime. Hemp moisturiser features the natural benefits of HEMP, combined with nurturing Arnica, Manuka Oil, Beeswax, and Lanolin. It also contains Lemongrass to soothe the senses.

In an effort to be 100% vegetarian friendly - the Face & Body Oil is Vegan friendly - and cruelty-free, all of Hemptuary's products contain only natural ingredients. Breathe deeply and discover gorgeous fragrances, just the way nature created them. Find more information on the Hemptuary skincare range at

AFT Pharmaceuticals