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Founded in 1923, Crosman Airguns is one of the oldest air gun brands in the United States. We trace our roots to Rochester, New York, where we first began manufacturing and distributing our air guns and pellets. We honor this legacy by designing air guns that celebrate the joy of shooting. Whether you’re hunting, plinking, or competing, our inventory has air guns designed for you to have fun your way.

Our air guns stand out for their industry-leading technological innovations. Crosman Airguns was the first to use CO2 cartridges to power air guns. For our modern air guns, we’ve developed QuietFire, which reduces firing noise by 70% of that of normal air gun firing. Our unique Nitro Piston Elite technology uses a nitrogen-filled gas piston to fire pellets at faster speeds with reduced recoil and noise.

Bring on the fun with Crosman Airguns’ wide selection of air rifles and air pistols available in a range of mechanisms, from PCP air guns to full auto BB guns. Contact our team of experts to learn more.

Crosman Airgun