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TLM Inside Sales
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The Lead Market is B2B lead generation services under one roof. We are fast growing as a premier solutions provider that enhances your sales team’s efficiency by generating qualified leads, cleansed lead lists, and more, and delivering them to your inbox. In simpler words, we do the heavy lifting to generate high-quality leads, and your in-house sales team takes it from there.

We are a team of passionate sales professionals who have over a decade’s worth of combined B2B lead generation experience. Based in Nagpur, India, we are helping domestic and international SMEs connect with high-quality leads across the USA, India, Canada, and Australia.

We established TLM in 2016 to provide small and growing businesses with a dependable remedy for their lead generation woes. With the vision to deliver inclusive lead generation services with an unflinching focus on quality rather than quantity, we now create superior quality leads for over 120 customer organizations in technology, engineering, shipping, staffing, compliance, consulting, SaaS, and other industries.

We enjoy bragging rights for generating leads 91% of which close within 90 days while the rest go into clients’ pipelines. We share our success with clients, who pay per lead we generate instead of the number of hours worked by our team.
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