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Aerolite is the best calcium silicate false ceiling manufacturer, which is the best green product (ceilings) available. These acoustic false ceilings are very lightweight, non – cementitous, water – resistant, energy – saving & Eco –friendly, that emits zero volatile organic compound, it keeps air clean as no hazardous chemicals like formaldehyde & neocide is used. These false ceiling tiles are Anti – microbial ceiling tiles which acts against Bacteria & fungus and keep your interiors fresh & safe.
Different tiles designs like Quadra, Quadra – Max, Quadra square, Quadra plus, Hexa, Diagonal and linear are some designs for every space
These false ceilings undergo multiple inspections like Visual & physical properties testing, dimension and product appearance inspections. These are reliable and bio safe tiles and as they are GRIHA accredited and tested as per stringent JIS – Z2801 – 2010 standard by NABL accredited labs.
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