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Businesses face stiff competition these days. Advertising and branding play a major role in the success or failure of your business. Owners must think of innovative concepts to ensure their own unique identity and stand out from the crowd.

In the competitive business world, branding is crucial to gaining revenues and increasing profits. Branding not only raises awareness about your business, but it also makes an impression on potential customers. Your brand and logo distinguish you from your competitors. Companies may choose to use a variety of promotional products to increase their brand awareness. Custom ID products are one way to get the public to recognise your brand.

Identity solution products have become very popular with corporates and companies with a large number of employees. With security being of paramount importance, companies must adopt an effective way of identifying employees and visitors. Custom ID products in the form of personalised lanyards are a good solution.

Lanyards are simply neck bands. They come in a variety of materials, ranging from polyester, silk, woven fabric, and nylon. Additionally, they are supplied with hooks and sometimes with a breakaway clasp. Along with an identity card holder, lanyards serve as a prominent means of identification.

Companies, corporates, and large businesses provide their employees with customized lanyards that can include the company name and logo. The humble lanyard becomes a custom ID product that also serves as a free, walking advertisement for your business at all times.
Business conferences, trade fairs, product exhibitions, music festivals, and other large events draw huge crowds. Equipping your staff with custom ID lanyards at such large events ensures security for all concerned. Identity cards attached to the customized lanyard helps people to identify your business at these huge events. The public is also secure in the knowledge that they are dealing with authentic company personnel.

PVC cards and button badges are two other types of custom ID products that can be used for promotional purposes. PVC cards with RFID or Radio Frequency Identification, serve as identification cards for employees of large organizations. Custom ID cards are used as access control at the business premises. They may also be supplied with printed bar codes or QR codes.

Button badges serve as a great promotional product. Customized badges make for effective giveaways at exhibitions, fundraisers and other promotional events. While they might not exactly fit into the category of an identification, they are an inexpensive promotional tool to raise awareness about your company and business.

With custom ID products, like customized lanyard ID card holders and badge holders, businesses can improve the effectiveness of their promotional campaigns.

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Lanyards can be custom printed with your company name and logo, along with any other icons or details. They are supplied in a wide range of colors, made from the material of your choosing, and can be ordered in as little as 50 units. Customers ordering in bulk quantities of over 500 units will benefit from discounts.