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Welding is a highly lucrative field, although it can be hectic. It majorly requires problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, and patience.Welding is much larger in concept than just the joining of metals together. It also involves repairs and the building of aesthetics. Anyone with these skills can be an expert in welding, irrespective of experience, sex, or background.Some people say that it is the strong that can weld. That's a myth welding doesn't require any assertion of energy, it basically involves the skill to technically apply your tools to provide you the appropriate heat you need to weld metal(s) together to become a useful piece, and that is what this beginner's guide seeks to help you achieve.MIG welding is an acronym for metal inert gases. It's an arc welding process that uses a wire electrode to create a weld. The electrode is then heated and fed into a welder. This is a great way to quickly weld large or thick materials. Although it is the easiest type of welding for beginners, MIG welds can be more precise, strong and clean than TIG welds. I will take you on the benefits of MIG welding for repair, fabrication . This book covers tons of questions and answers needed to survive the welding practicesYOU WILL LEARN THE COMPLETE AND ULTIMATE WAY TO WELD WITH THE MIG METHODS EVEN AS A BEGINNER!GET THIS BOOK NOW!