Magic Painting Grup - House Painters Melbourne

Magic Painting Grup - House Painters Melbourne
162 McIntyre Rd
Sunshine , VIC 3020

Monday - Sunday: Open 24 hours

Magic Painting Grup has everything you need to paint and decorate your home, from inspiration through to advice and the right products. Find the perfect colour scheme with our Bristol Scheme Cards and view our Inspiration Booklet to see schemes in action. Our Interior, Exterior and Heritage Colour Cards demonstrate a range of popular colours or consult our True Colour Fandeck with over 1700 colours to choose to make your place lovely View.

We are here working honestly. As what quality you need, we never leave your job before you are satisfied.
Doing our best job for our customers making them happy with our job that is our advertisers.
I being Painter since when I was a child with my father’s painting company. I love paint and I love making places nice. I love my job. My job is part of my life with my father’s painting company.
What really make me happy at the end of job is when I see we make your place refresh a great view.