Waterproofing Contractors

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We provide a modern range of waterproofing solutions for above, below, and at ground level. We strive to give total waterproofing assurance to architects, engineers, plumbers, and homeowners. There include sheet applied systems, structural drainage, sodium bentonite systems, cement-based waterproofing, and movement joints. Endaleak provides a waterproofing solution for your project that includes revolutionary fast track waterproofing technologies that complement classic liquid systems.

Our technical advising team, which comprises both in-house and field experts, is well-known for providing comprehensive consultation and design services. From start to completion, our team will oversee your waterproofing plan, including technical advice and assistance, sectional detail preparation, drawing approval, site inspections, and continuous site support.

We offer onsite consulting and will help you with our years of experience. Whatever structure you are trying to waterproof, we guarantee that you are always in good hands and offer an 8-year warranty to give you peace of mind.
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