Komodo Energy Drink

Komodo Brands LLC
150 S Wacker Dr Suite 2400
Chicago, IL 60606
United States


Komodo is a healthier alternative to your standard energy drink. It was handcrafted by a seasoned chef, Francois Lubin, who is a Haitian native with a passion for creating and consuming food and beverages that nourish the body and feed the soul. Hence, when he came up with the perfect formula for Komodo, he made sure that it would hydrate each sip the person took and provide electrolytes.

Aside from coconut water, Komodo includes stevia, cane sugar and fortifying ingredients such as B3, B5, B6, and B12. The best part is, each 12oz can contains 50 calories, 50mg of caffeine (from coffee beans) and 12 grams of sugar cane. Compared to the average energy drink that is packed with tons of chemicals, excessive caffeine and loads of sugar, Komodo is a much better choice. Also, Komodo Brands is environmentally friendly, dedicated to ensuring that the contents within the can are encased in bio-friendly vessels.