Fabulocity Boutique

Fabulocity Boutique
8131 Woodsmuir Dr
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33412
United States

Fabulocity Boutique, LLC has founded in South Florida approx. in 2015. We retail authentic & replicated items ranging from Dresses, Jeans, Jumpsuits, Rompers, 2pcs sets, Accessories, & more all tagged with Fabulocity’s logo tag. Although there is only 1 online store now, there are upcoming plans to open a busy location in North Miami or ft Lauderdale. Lamina LaFleur, (stylist, BBB CEO, glitter package guru) has been the owner for over 3yrs now and has steered her boutique into the 21st century of Style/Fashion. Our goal is to make every slayer, whether it be male or female, feel comfortable, beautiful, handsome, confident, sexy, happy, & most of all fabulously satisfied!