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Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor adventure activities. Those vigorous long walks, exploring the nature has become quite popular in last few decades. So, if you are wondering if hiking is good or bad, this blog is just for you!
Hiking is extremely good for your physical as well as mental health. From improving metabolism to increasing weight lo process in the body, strengthening the muscles (hiking is amazing even for your core!), improving heart health, decreasing cholesterol levels in your body, the benefits of hiking is absolutely immense. It is also great for the heart and respiratory health. Apart from these physical benefits, hiking is wonderful for your mental health as well. Hiking helps in relieving the stress and calming the mind. Researchers have found that hiking boosts the mood to a significant level.
However, people with prolonged ailments, serious heart diseases etc. should refrain from taking part in a hiking activity as it imposes considerable pressure to the body.
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