40491 Rock Mountain Dr. Fallbrook, CA 92028
Fallbrook, CA 92028
United States

Planet Desert is a family-owned wholesale/retail nursery based in Southern California. We are dedicated to growing a wide variety of cacti and succulents and are constantly adding, developing, and creating more products. We offer the best quality plants at the best prices possible. After all, we've been in the business for years!

I developed a passion for plants way back in my early twenties. I grew up in the outskirts of Mexico City, surrounded by nature. My family owned a big piece of land which was divided between my parents, my brothers, my sister, and me. We each had our own house and shared common areas with a pool, a huge garden, and some undeveloped land. Eventually, my brothers and I built a greenhouse and launched a business selling poinsettias. That's when it all started.