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Agarwal Complex, G-1, Block A, Keventets Market
Surajmal Vihar, Delhi 110092

Monday to Sunday 12:30pm-8:00pm

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We are the finest body piercing studios located in Delhi, India. Dedicated to all types of body piercings since last 8 years.

Piercings have always been a body fashion accessory since almost the beginning of humankind, and the trend will always continue. Piercings also have a very traditional value around the world, like in India's nose, ear-piercing is very traditional across different religionsxx, and people want to get pierced as early as possible.Now as the trend continues, many have started to get Navel , Septum (Nose Piercing) , Dermal (Surface Piercing), Eyebrows and even male or female Nipple and Male/Female Genital piercings.

We understand the importance of piercing is done with a great professional method and try to follow all the recommendations of APP(Association of Professional Piercers). Since piercings are done on body parts, it should always be done by a professional and someone who has deep knowledge about it. Your desire for piercings may turn into a disaster or health issue if not done professionally. In India Gun piercing method is most common and is widely adopted by unprofessional piercers and jewelry stores. Gun piercing is one of the most unhygienic methods of piercing as same gun is used on every customer which may be a prime reason of cross contamination of blood diseases and many other bacteria and lead to infection and other health issues.