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Go Gear Direct
3712 Ringgold Road 382
East Ridge, TN 37412
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At Go Gear Direct, you’ll find a better way to gear up, so you can always zero in. you’ll find it in the way we:
-Stay agile in response to emerging trends in the marketplace, such as bundling better solutions from multiple brands.
-Passionately facilitate the transfer of new and innovative products from those inventing them on the cutting room floor to those seeking them out in the marketplace.
-Inspire consumers to gear up creatively and purposefully with better solutions not yet on the big box shelves.
-Deliver an experience you’ll always like by continuing to be nothing like the traditional retailers you’re used to.
-In short, Go Gear Direct is your direct connection to the superior gear and peak performance you’ve been waiting for.

Whether you’re a new manufacturer or a new customer, we want your help developing even more superior solutions and better access to the innovations out there built with shooters in mind. We invite you to contribute to our growth and our purpose by signing up to our newsletter, purchasing and reviewing gear and sharing our blog content. It is together that we can best gear up and zero in.
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