Oviedo’s elite family-owned martial arts studio for all ages

Master Roberts' World Class Taekwondo
980 Oviedo Blvd. Suite #1008
Orlando, FL 32765
United States

Our World Class program will equip students with confident self-defense and martial arts techniques as well as instill valuable life skills.
Our all classes will be tailored precisely for the belt rank, age, and students attending. The classes will be organized so that each student can stay on track with their progress. As is the case, no big goals will be achieved unless there is a detailed plan to follow along the way. We all crave a little uncertainty! Although the concepts and key principals will be core to our teaching each class, the way we deliver will be ever-changing. We commit to delivering concepts in a thrilling and engaging way! We know that everyone learns in unique ways. Students will be met with a customized teaching style specific for their needs and skill sets. We will be tapping in to every individual’s strengths and weakness and adjusting our approach along the way.