Plot 'C', Block 835/4, Behind Ramanbhai Vanzara Bu

Bombinobelts compacting felts are used in the compacting machines to facilitate the pre-shrinkage and stabilization of knitted fabrics (this is why they can be called shrinking felts) and improve the fabric handle. The shrinkage required (between 2 and 10%) is mechanically given on both sides of the fabric by two consecutive endless felts using temperature (usually between 110°C & 160°C) and steam pressure.

For heat-setting processes, carried out between 180°C -200°C, Bombinobelts has developed heat resistant endless felts made with Nomex felts (aramid) fibres.

The BOMBINO felts with their optimal compacting rate give the highest dimensional stability and excellent fabric handle.

The compactor felts used in the processing section of the knit manufacturers are used on the following machines : Ferraro, Santex, Sperotto Rimar, Lafer, Albrecht, Serteks, Heliot, Ruckh, Monforts, Brückner, Dilmenler, Weiss, Lafer Türk, Mersan, Bianco, Dong Nam, BH Tech, Fong’s, Poong Kwang, Muzzi, Ssang Ho, Monti, etc.