Flexus Comfort Mattress Company

808 E. Edna Place
Covina, CA 91723
United States


Flexus Comfort Mattress is a family owned Los Angeles based company dedicated to providing you with the best quality latex mattresses which will give you your best night's sleep ever. Flexus Comfort Mattress manufactures their Natural Comfort brand of latex mattresses in Covina California and sells them at affordable factory direct prices. The mattresses are made with finest quality materials, wool fiber, bamboo fabric, cotton fabric, and all natural latex. There is no polyurethane foam in any of our Natural Comfort mattresses. Natural Comfort latex mattresses feature removable zipper covers. This allows you to easily take the cover panel off your mattress so that you can air it out on a sunny day if you wish, and also allows us to change the firmness of your mattress after you have received it. Latex is natural foam rubber and will keep its shape for many years without the typical body impression.

To know more please visit- https://www.flexuscomfort.com/