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What is Clubfoot?
● Clubfoot describes a group of foot
abnormalities ,in which your baby's foot is
twisted in.
● The tendons ( tissues connecting muscles to
bone ) are shorter than usual.
● Clubfoot is the most common birth defect.
● 1:1,000
● highest prevalence in Hawaiians and Maoris
● male:female ratio approximately 2:1
● Anatomic location
○ 50%of cases are bilateral
Are Club Feet genetic?
■ strongly suggested
■ unaffected parents with affected child have
2.5% - 6.5% chance of having another child
with a clubfoot
■ familial occurrence in 25%
■ link to PITX1
How are Clubfeet diagnosed?
■ Ultrasound
■ 1st trimester
■ associated anomalies,
including non-musculoskeletal
■ 2nd trimester
■ true clubfeet
■ 3rd trimester
■ false positive rate is higher due
to intrauterine crowding
1. often not taken
2. recommended views, if taken(dorsiflexion
lateral (Turco view) AND AP
Treatment of Clubfeet?
Ponseti method. Gentle stretching and casting to
gradually correct the deformity.
Treatment begins shortly after birth
6-8 weekly plasters needed
● Achilles tenotomy. 90 percent of babies will
require a minor procedure to release
continued tightness in the Achilles tendon
(heel cord), managed by Tendo Achilles
Tenotomy i.e the tendon is cut. Plaster is
then applied for 3 weeks.
● Bracing. The brace keeps the foot at the
proper angle to maintain the correction.
This bracing program can be demanding
for parents and families, but is essential to
prevent relapses.
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